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Allusion Blinds - Made to Measure

Product Overview

Allusion blinds, developed by Louvolite, are an innovative window furnishing solution perfect for larger windows and patio doors. These blinds combine the elegance of flowing fabrics with the practical functionality of vertical blinds, allowing you to control light and privacy with a simple turn of a wand.

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How Allusion blinds Work

Allusion blinds operate with a unique mechanism that integrates vertical, rotatable fabric vanes woven into elegant, flowing fabrics. By turning the attached wand, you can rotate the vanes to adjust the transparency of the blinds—much like controlling the light with curtains, but with the ability to see through.

Allusion Blinds Introduction Video

Benefits and Features

  • Flexibility in Use: Allusion blinds are mounted on a track system, allowing you to pull them completely back to reveal the entire window or adjust them for light filtration and privacy.
  • Customization Options: These blinds offer the ability to personalize the spaces between the fabric, which is particularly useful for patio doors. You can part the blinds and pass through without fully opening them.
  • Design Choices: Available in a wide range of colorful fabrics and with various light filtration options to suit any decor style. Additionally, you can select attractive colored fascias to cover the tracks, enhancing the overall look.

Ideal Settings for Use

Allusion blinds excel in large spaces where controlling light and maintaining views are important. They are especially suited for living rooms with large windows or homes with patio doors, offering both functionality and style.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Allusion blinds provide a modern twist to traditional window treatments, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The choice of vibrant or subtle fabric colors ensures they can be tailored to complement any room's decor.

Operating Modes

Allusion blinds provide three distinct options for window coverage:

  1. Fully Open: Pull the blinds back to enjoy an unobstructed view of your outdoor space.
  2. Light Filtering: Adjust the blinds across the window and rotate the vanes to allow desired amounts of light into the room while maintaining some visibility.
  3. Full Privacy: Extend the blinds across the window and rotate the vanes to close, ensuring complete privacy.

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