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Our conservatory blinds are all made to measure for the perfect fit. Your conservatory will likely have more panes of glass the whole of the rest of your house combined, so you need a solution that's not only cost effective but also easy to maintain.

Blinds in your conservatory have four very important jobs:

  1. keeping light out when it's too sunny, to protect your eyes, furniture and plants
  2. keeping light in when you want privacy
  3. preventing heat loss through the glass
  4. to look fantastic, just the way you want them

You can choose from a whole range of fabrics, not only with different attractive patterns, but with different properties when it comes to light and heat. Choose combinations of features such as wipe-clean, moisture resistance, energy saving and varying levels of light-opacity.

Most of our products, including Roller Blinds and Vision Blinds are suitable for your conservatory. You can opt for an individual window-pane solution, or one blind that covers multiple panes.

Since their invention, there is one specific type of blind that is growing rapidly in popularity…

Perfect-Fit Blinds

When it comes to fitting blinds in your conservatory, our Perfect-Fit range ticks all the boxes:

Because Perfect-Fit Conservatory Blinds are attached to the window, they open and close with them, so you can have the window open and blind drawn, without the worry of forgetting the window's open.

The Perfect-Fit Conservatory Blinds are easy to remove for cleaning and can be made to slide up from the bottom as well as down from the top so you can better control your privacy.

Call Haywoods Blinds on 01543 279996 or visit our Staffordshire show room.

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