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Conservatory Blinds - Made to Measure

Product Overview

Our conservatory blinds are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit for your unique space. Given that a conservatory typically contains more panes of glass than the rest of your house combined, our blinds offer a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution for managing your conservatory’s environment.

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Core Functions of Conservatory blinds

Conservatory blinds are designed to serve four essential purposes:

  • Light Control: They block excessive sunlight to protect your eyes, furniture, and indoor plants, and ensure privacy when desired.
  • Temperature Regulation: The blinds help to prevent heat loss through the glass, keeping your conservatory warm and energy-efficient.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a variety of designs available, you can choose blinds that perfectly match your decor preferences.

Fabric and Feature Options

  • Fabric Choices: A wide selection of fabrics is available, ranging from attractive patterns to functional materials that offer different levels of light opacity and energy-saving properties.
  • Special Features: Options include wipe-clean, moisture resistance, and energy-efficient fabrics to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Blind Types Suitable for Conservatories

  • Roller Blinds and Vision Blinds : Ideal for covering individual panes or multiple panes, providing flexibility in light and privacy control.
  • Perfect-Fit Blinds: A popular choice for conservatories due to their no-drill installation, child safety features, and excellent heat conservation. These blinds fit snugly against the glass and are integrated into the window frame, allowing them to move with the windows.

Perfect-Fit Conservatory Blinds

See our page on Perfect Fit blinds for an alternative blind for your conservatory.

  • Easy Installation: These blinds require no drilling, preserving the condition of your conservatory frames.
  • Safety Features: Designed without loose cords, making them safe for homes with children.
  • Enhanced Privacy and Temperature Control: The blinds can be adjusted from both the top and bottom, allowing for customizable privacy settings and improved heat retention.
  • Convenience: Perfect-Fit blinds are attached directly to the windows, meaning they can be opened or closed with the windows themselves, offering both ventilation and shade without the hassle.

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