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We're not just all about the blinds. Some of our best sellers are our range of custom-made curtains. We have access to the most beautiful, most durable fabrics on the market to ensure you get a style to suit your home and last for years to come.

Visit our showroom to see our fabric range or call us on 01543 279996 to talk about your new curtains. Ask us anything. We're here to help.


Here is a small selection of our most popular fabrics:

Oasis Oyster2

Oasis Silver1

Oasis Mocha1

Oasis Pearl

Oasis Champagne

Oasis Noir

Oasis Duckegg

Oasis Berry

Oasis Slate

Oasis Cashew

Oasis Danube

Oasis Emerald

Oasis Flint

Oasis Fog

Oasis Mercury

Oasis Sorbet

Oasis Spice

Oasis Sweet Pea

Oasis Tropix

Oasis Mimosa

Oasis Scarlet

Oasis Orange

Oasis Powder Blue

Oasis Wedgewood

Oasis White

Oasis Buttercup

Oasis Indigo

Oasis Putty

Oasis Sea Green

Oasis Smoke

Rattan Lime

Rattan Frost

Rattan Opal

Rattan Vintage

Rattan Fog

Rattan Cherry

Rattan Clementine

Rattan Slate

Rattan Onyx

Rattan Lavender

Rattan Sky

Rattan Powder Blue

Rattan Shell

Rattan Heather

Rattan Fuschia

Komodo Fog

Komodo Dove

Komodo Ivory

Komodo Nougat

Komodo Earth

Komodo Taupe

Komodo Aubergine

Komodo Mauve

Komodo Buttercup

Komodo Zest

Komodo Sky

Komodo Indigo

Komodo Grey

Phoenix Fog

Phoenix Dove

Phoenix Pearl

Phoenix Champagne

Phoenix Mulberry

Phoenix Aubergine

Phoenix Buttercup

Phoenix Smoke

Phoenix Teal

Artisan Silver

Artisan Pearl

Artisan Strawberry

Artisan Apple

Artisan Moonstone

Artisan Teal

Artisan Slate

Glamour Noir

Glamour Cream

Glamour Latte

Glamour Otter

Glamour Fog

Glamour Espresso

Glamour Heather

Glamour Mauve

Glamour Wine

Glamour Cinnamon

Glamour Rust

Glamour Fern

Glamour Emerald

Glamour Teal

Glamour Silver

Glamour Slate

Rattan Alpine

Rattan Blush

Rattan Dove

Rattan Fern

Rattan Ivory

Rattan Kingfisher

Rattan Mist

Rattan Oyster

Rattan Plum

Rattan Rose

Rattan Rust

Rattan Silver

Emili Dijon

Emili Shell

Farrah Silver

Farrah Linen

Farrah Vintage

Farrah Pewter

Alette Berry

Alette Steel

Alette Silver

Alette Cashew

Alette Navy

Alette Pewter

Alette Seafoam

Chia Rose

Chia Lavender

Chia Sunflower

Nevin Plum

Nevin Fog

Nevin Sky

Nevin Smoke

Nevin Sunflower

Nevin Sage

Everett Dijon

Everett Blush

Everett Flint

Everett Oyster

Everett Moonstone

Everett Teal

Broadway Silver

Broadway Linen

Broadway Vintage

Broadway Pewter

Lismore Fern

Lismore Silver

Lismore Slate

Lismore Wheat

Lismore Sky

Shibuya Sky

Shibuya Sunflower

Shibuya Pebble

Shibuya Sage

Curtis Indigo

Curtis Plum

Curtis Slate

Curtis Sunflower

Nixon Sunshine

Nixon Slate

Nixon Champagne

Nixon Sky

Nixon Midnight

Pandora Silver

Pandora Linen

Pandora Vintage

Pandora Pewter

Peyton Navy

Peyton Berry

Peyton Silver

Peyton Mimosa

Peyton Seafoam

Miami Dijon

Miami Blush

Miami Flint

Miami Oyster

Miami Moonstone

Miami Teal

Costella Wheat

Costella Spa

Costella Fog

Costella Linen

Monroe Blush

Monroe Flint

Monroe Dijon

Monroe Oyster

Monroe Moonstone

Monroe Teal

Gia Dijon

Gia Shell

Gia Smoke

Maya Dove

Maya Oyster

Maya Ochre

Maya Spa

Alegra Rose

Alegra Spa

Alegra Fog

Alegra Ochre

Bella Ink

Bella Fog

Bella Apple

Bella Spa

Maverick Navy

Maverick Berry

Maverick Silver

Maverick Mimosa

Maverick Pewter

Maverick Seafoam

Maverick Cashew

Coco Navy

Coco Dove

Coco Dijon

Coco Otter

Melrose Stone

Melrose Sunflower1

Melrose Silver

Melrose Mouse

Melrose Oyster

Carter Dijon

Carter Shell

Carter Smoke

Rumi Silver

Rumi Smoke

Rumi Sand

Hudson Oyster

Taylor Ink

Taylor Fog

Taylor Apple

Taylor Ochre

Taylor Spa

Nova Sunshine

Nova Dove

Nova Silver

Nova Slate

Nova Wheat

Nova Champagne

Nova Taupe

Nova Sky

Aero Sky

Aero Sunflower

Aero Pebble

Aero Sage

Cardi Olive

Cardi Plum

Cardi Spa

Cardi Ochre

Cardi Fog

Torridon Silver

Torridon Linen

Torridon Vintage

Kilda Sunflower

Kilda Rose

Kilda Spa

Kilda Mineral

Gemini Fern

Gemini Silver

Gemini Slate

Gemini Champagne

Gemini Ivory

Gemini Taupe

Gemini Sky

Gemini Sunshine

Cam Berry

Cam Seafoam

Zyra Silver

Zyra Linen

Zyra Vintage

Zyra Pewter

Bonita Dijon

Bonita Flint

Bonita Moonstone

Bonita Teal

Crosby Spa

Crosby Danube

Crosby Rose

Crosby Plum

Jude Shell

Rocco Heather

Balmore Heather

Coda Shell

Hart Linen

Hart Silver

Hart Pewter

Hart Berry

Hart Navy

Hart Seafoam

Hart Steel

Reign Indigo

Reign Peacock

Reign Aqua

Reign Olive

Reign Ochre

Reign Raven

Reign Slate

Reign Smoke

Reign Driftwood

Reign Alabaster

Reign Boudoir

Reign Coral

Reign Claret

Reign Saffron

Reign Berry

Macy Ivory

Macy Wheat

Macy Linen

Macy Dove

Macy Heather

Macy Magenta

Macy Copper

Macy Indigo

Macy Aqua

Macy Sage

Macy Zest

Macy Vole

Macy Fog

Macy Monochrome

Macy Noir

Lima Oyster

Lima Wheat

Lima Linen

Lima Ecru

Lima Orchid

Lima Heather

Lima Violet

Lima Blush

Lima Rose

Lima Mineral

Lima Denim

Lima Danube

Lima Peacock

Lima Spa

Lima Olive

Lima Buttercup

Lima Nordic

Lima Dove

Lima Fog

Lima Charcoal

Call Haywoods Blinds on 01543 279996 or visit our Staffordshire show room.

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